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Articles (EN)
Just a few weeks ago, fears about a gas shortage in Europe were large in some circles. The danger has been averted for this spring. Even with a view to the coming winter, there are increasingly signs of easing. On the other hand, industry insiders are still warning of potential bottlenecks.
Articles (EN)
Christian Hürlimann, MET Group, Switzerland, identifies the technological advancements in the solar industry which companies need to embrace in order to optimise their photovoltaic portfolio.
Press releases
Swiss-based MET Group announces that Sándor Fasimon will join the company to head up the setup of MET’s Asian operations.
Learn about carbon dioxide quota, and a limit on greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. Companies and countries must abide by this limit.
HR news
“Meteorology and climatology, referring to weather and climate respectively, both have a direct impact on the energy sector through energy supply and energy demand,” explains Vasilis Pappas, Senior Meteorologist at MET Group.
HR news
Three women working at MET Group tell us about their jobs and ambitions. From LNG imports to green future – meet Esther Ang, Violeta Angelova, and Carla Buchholz.
There are big differences between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Pollution, extraction, transportation, and usage. Pros and cons.

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