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LAC² Interview with Dr. Christian Hürlimann, Renewables CEO at MET Group located in Zug. In conversation with Dr. Donnacha Daly, July 2022
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As a new world takes shape in the field of energy, progressive energy companies are working to replace fossil-based energy sources with renewable alternatives. Ensuring a smooth transition to renewable energy presents many challenges to innovators, including MET Group, which is the first company in Hungary to install a Tesla Megapack energy storage system on site at the Dunamenti Power Plant.
Articles (EN)
International energy company MET Group is the first to install Tesla’s energy storage unit, Megapack in Százhalombatta, Hungary on site of the company’s Dunamenti Power Plant to support the shift from fossil fuels to renewables.
Using recyclable plastics will create a more sustainable environment. Which plastics are reusable, and how does the EU encourage sustainability?
What are the rules of selective waste collection? What does the colour of the bins mean? We summarized the most essential information about waste management.
Press releases
MET Group is growing its European renewables portfolio by expanding into the Polish market. The Swiss-based energy company acquired a 100% stake in a greenfield solar power project in Poland, with an expected installed capacity of 60 MWp.
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Energy company MET Group is now among the Top 20 companies headquartered in Switzerland according to the Top 500 list. On this list of the largest firms by revenue, MET – as one of the fastest growing energy companies in Europe – has come up from 25th to 20th place this year.

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