Our responsibility

Shareholder value

We participate in business life in an efficient and profitable way, according to market principles, in order to protect the investments of our shareholders. We consider our activities as business portfolio elements whose value is constantly maximized.

Customer satisfaction

We gain the satisfaction of our customers with a range of valuable products and services, which are suitable for fulfilling various needs, as well as through the development of modern commercial techniques.

Responsibility for the society

We pursue our activity with a sense of social responsibility and, to the extent possible, we also support local communities in reaching their goals.

Responsibility for our employees

We recognize the performance and efforts of our employees with equitable and competitive salaries. We provide an inspiring environment for human talent to grow and function.

Centered on health, security, environmental protection and quality

In compliance with our commitment to sustainable development, we strive to ensure that our technology, workplace practice, products and services do not have any adverse effect on human health or the environment. We reduce health, safety and environmental risks related to our activity through the creation of safe working conditions and the constant improvement of our environmental performance. We act with due diligence in the interest of safeguarding the health of our employees. As a basic principle, we pursue our activity with a focus on quality.


Our business management

Prohibition of undue advantage

We adhere to the principles of fairness and irreproachableness in business and expect the same from our business partners. We denounce all forms of offering or accepting undue advantage. We do not encourage the offering or receipt of gifts.


We perform, register and regularly control our transactions in line with international standards, with an effort to create best practice, in compliance with all statutory provisions, and in accordance with fix internal rules.

Assertion of rights

We pursue our activity in good faith and in a fair manner, in the spirit of the relevant laws and regulations of the given country, using only legitimate means. Our employees are not prohibited from political participation but they cannot use the name of MET and may not act against the interest of MET Group when doing so.

Protection and disclosure of information

We are pleased to satisfy any reasonable demand for information by the society or our customers about our company. We consider it as an obligation to protect secret and confidential information obtained from our customers or our own employees, or requested from our business partners.

Protection of the company's business interests and assets

Conflict of interest

We demand that our employees avoid any conflict of interest between their private financial interests and position held within the company.

Insider trading of securities and consultancy

We committed ourselves to the fair market of publicly traded securities. Insider trading in securities is forbidden by criminal law in all countries where the company is present. In this regard, we not only demand full compliance with the relevant legal regulations but also full avoidance of even the appearance of insider trading in securities and consultancy.

At the same time, we do not wish to restrict our employees' right to make appropriate private investments, nor companies' rights to legally reveal and use their internal information during their usual business activity.

Protection of intellectual property

A key objective of MET Group is to create, protect, maintain and safeguard its rights pertaining to its significant intellectual properties, and to use intellectual property in a responsible manner. In addition to the protection of our own intellectual property, we also respect others' rights to their intellectual property.


Within the company

Avoidance of discrimination

MET Group is committed to the prohibition of all forms of discrimination Our employees come from several countries; we promote cultural diversity and the creation of an international team.

The right to information and opinion

We are committed to complying with all laws and regulations relating to employment and the operation of interest representation bodies. In the spirit of the European Social Charter, we respect the right of our employees and interest representation bodies to regular comprehensive information about the economic and financial situation of MET Group, and to express opinion, primarily about drafts which have a major impact on the employment situation.